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Q&A with Thomas Verner: A Southern Land Exchange Associate

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Meet Thomas Verner –   A Southern Land Exchange Associate

Thomas Verner2“My Mother passed away back in November, 2015, but spending quality time with her was a priority in my life since my Dad died in 2007.” 

What’s your professional background?

“I retired from the USDA Farm Service Agency with 37 years of service at the end of 2014.  We provided assistance to farmers to help them during times of low commodity prices and when they experienced losses due to natural disasters, such as drought. Our agency also provided cost share assistance to farmers for conservation practices, such as planting pine trees on cropland and fencing out streams and lakes from livestock.”

How long have you been selling real estate? 

“2016 is my second year selling real estate; however, I have been interested in real estate since I first took a course 25 years ago to learn more about real estate transactions for my personal use.”

What’s your most memorable land sale to date?

“It took a lot of extra work on my part as well as the sellers when we decided to divide a family farm into smaller parcels to meet the market demand.  In the end, this pleased the sellers in several ways and created mini-farms that buyers were seeking.  I enjoy riding by that property now and seeing the new owners establishing their homes.”

What’s your personal background?

“I am married and have 2 daughters and 1 son.”

What are your hobbies?

“I was raised on a farm in western Morgan County and have always enjoying hunting and fishing.  Our family enjoys taking family hikes and watching Georgia football, basketball, baseball, soccer and tennis.”

Thomas Verner3“My son Davis and me enjoying a UGA football game in the Ag Alumni Sky Box.”

What are you passionate about personally?

“Watching my children participate in sports has been my pastime over the past 20 years.  We have spent countless hours watching our children as they participated in soccer, basketball, baseball, cheerleading and golf.  Currently, our son plays golf for ABAC and we enjoy traveling to his tournaments to watch him compete against colleges from around the southeast.”

What are you passionate about professionally?

“In my USDA career, I always enjoyed visiting farms to measure land using aerial photography to determine acreage of crops. When USDA began using GIS mapping technology, I developed an interest in creating maps using digital imagery.

Conservation of our natural resources has always been something that interested me.  Our farm was severely eroding when my family began farming the land and we sprigged most of our farm to Coastal Bermuda grass several decades ago. Later, my Dad started a custom sprigging business to help farmers establish land to permanent grass with Tift 44, Tift 85 and Russell Bermuda sprigs produced on our family farm. It is satisfying to ride around the countryside and see many of those fields that are still in production today.”

What do you enjoy about being a Southern Land Exchange Associate?

“It is a privilege to be a part of the Southern Land Exchange team.  I get the most enjoyment from helping people accomplish their dream of buying or goal of selling a property.  Being a part of the excitement that a new owner of a property has, makes it worth all the work that goes into each sale.”

Thomas Verner1
“Family time has always been important to me.  My Dad and I spent a lot of quality time together restoring this 1936 John Deere A model tractor.  My son and I enjoy taking it to parades in the area or taking the younger ones in the family for hay rides around the farmas we did in this photo during a recent Christmas family get together.”

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